Earthquake Studies Office

The Earthquake Studies Office (ESO), located in Butte, Montana, on the Montana Tech campus, is on the third floor of the Natural Resources Building (NRB), which is on the north side of Granite/Park Street at the west end of campus.

The MBMG Earthquake Studies Office operates the Montana Regional Seismic Network, a network of 42 permanent seismic stations located throughout western Montana. Click on any of the triangles to view additional data.


About Earthquake

Earthquake Studies Office: Location, resource, mission, and history

Recent earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes

Recent seismic events listed on the USGS earthquake page, including those contributed by the ESO.

Past earthquakes

Past earthquakes

Visit the MBMG web mapping application devoted to past seismic activity in Montana.


Live Seismograms

Seismic recordings from "Webicorders" for the Montana network and other selected seismic stations, and the history of the stations.

Earthquake Story Map

Seismic Hazards

ESRI Story Map describing historic earthquakes and current MBMG monitoring and preparedness efforts.



A map showing the location of all seismograph stations used to locate Montana seismicity and a listing of Montana Regional Network Station names, codes, locations, and opening dates.

Report an earthquake

Did you feel it?

Report an earthquake you felt.


Earthquake patterns in Montana.

Earthquake patterns in Montana.



A glossary of seismological and earthquake geology terms.

Learn to read seismograms

Understand Seismograms

Learn how to read and understand the seismograms provided by the MBMG.

View seismic resources


Links to other seismic resources on the internet.

Earthquake safety

Earthquake Safety

Personal and family earthquake safety tips