Michael (Mike) Stickney

Geologist, Director of Earthquake Studies Office—Professor
Phone: (406) 496-4332
Email: mstickney@mtech.edu
1300 West Park Street
Butte, MT 59701


2004—Ph.D., Earth Sciences(honorary), Montana State University
1980—M.S., Geology, University of Montana
1978—B.S., Geology, University of Montana

Biography & Research Interests

Mike has been involved with seismic monitoring since 1973, first as a student at the University of Montana, later as a visiting scientist at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA, and then with the MBMG beginning in 1980. He established and operates the Montana Regional Seismograph Network and uses the data it collects to produce a regional earthquake catalog. In addition to seismological studies, Mike has mapped Quaternary faults and related geology, participated in paleoseismological studies, and provides information to the public and state and federal agencies on seismic hazards in Montana.

Date Citation
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2/24/2022 Stickney, M.C. 2022. Historic Earthquakes and Recent Seismicity in Montana. Presented to the Big Sky Post of the Society of American Military Engineers, Great Falls College-Montana State University, Great Falls, MT on 2/24/2022.
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10/14/2015 Stickney, M.C., 2015, Learn What Past Major Earthquakes and Small Recent Earthquakes Can Tell Us About Future Threats and Our Current Understanding of Seismic Hazards in Montana: Presented at the Butte Archives, Butte, Montana, October 14, 2015.
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