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M 62 Hydrogeologic responses: Twenty years of surface coal mining in southeastern Montana Van Voast, W.A., and Reiten, J.C. 1988 30 2 N $ 6.00
M 66 Experiments in subsurface applications of bentonite in Montana Wheaton, J.R., Regele, S., Bohman, R., Clark, D., and Reiten, J.C. 1994 43 Y $ 5.00
MBMG 211 Hydrogeological reconnaissance of abandoned underground coal mines near Roundup, Montana Reiten, J.C., and Wheaton, J.R. 1989 100 3 N $ 20.00
MBMG 237 A Impacts of oil field wastes on soil and ground water in Richland County, Montana, Part 1--Overview Reiten, J.C. 1991 25 N $ 3.00
MBMG 237 B Impacts of oil field wastes on soil and ground water in Richland County, Montana, Part 2--Contaminant movement below oil field drilling mud disposal pits near Fairview, Montana Reiten, J.C. 1991 115 N $ 15.00
MBMG 237 C Impacts of oil field wastes on soil and ground water in Richland County, Montana, Part 3--Hydrogeologic conditions and ground-water quality at an oil well reserve pit Payne, S.M., and Reiten, J.C. 1991 120 N $ 15.00
MBMG 237 D Impacts of oil field wastes on soil and ground water in Richland County, Montana, Part 4--Reclamation of soils damaged by oil field wastes Tomer, M., and Reiten, J.C. 1991 20 N $ 2.50
MBMG 244 Water quality of selected lakes in eastern Sheridan County, Montana Reiten, J.C. 1992 46 1 N $ 10.00
MBMG 255 Moisture flux through the Billings landfill Reiten, J.C. 1992 92 1 N $ 16.00
MBMG 260 Appraisal of oil field brine contamination in shallow ground water and surface water, eastern Sheridan county, Montana Reiten, J.C., and Teschmak, T. 1993 300 2 Y $ 25.00
MBMG 265 Results of flowing well tests in the Eagle Sandstone, central Montana: Potential impacts of withdrawals on artesian pressure Reiten, J.C. 1993 68 1 N $ 10.00
MBMG 266 F Case histories of the use of bentonite as a sealant for subsurface holes in Montana: Part F--Use of low- and high-grade bentonite chips to plug seismic shot holes Wheaton, J.R., Reiten, J.C., Regele, S., and Bohman, R. 1993 31 1 N $ 8.00
MBMG 332 Hydrogeology of the Cherry Creek dam site, Prairie County, Montana Reiten, J.C. 1995 215 6 N $ 30.00
MBMG 378 Montana Source Water Protection: Technical Guidance Manual, Parts 1 and 2 Miller, K.J., Meek, J., Norbeck, P., and Reiten, J.C. 1998 281 N $ 20.00
MBMG 436 Basic hydrogeologic data for the West-Billings area (1999-2000), Yellowstone County, Montana Olson, J.L., and Reiten, J.C. 2001 110 N $ 12.50
MBMG 447 Sheridan County Ground-Water Management Program: Management of water resources from the Clear Lake aquifer Reiten, J.C. 2002 32 N $ 25.00
MBMG 504 Reevaluation of the hydrologic system in the vicinity of the Anaconda Mine at Belt, Cascade County, Montana Duaime, T.E., Sandau K.L., Vuke, S.M., Hanson, J., Reddish, S., and Reiten, J.C. 2004 116 1 N $ 20.00
RI 10 Hydrogeology of the west Billings area: Impacts of land-use changes on water resources Olson, J.L., and Reiten, J.C. 2002 32 2 N $ 12.50
MBMG 567 Developing a viable water supply for the town of Broadview, south-central Montana Reiten, J.C., and Hanson, J. 2008 89 Y $ 10.00
MBMG 620 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Region 6 Environmental Contaminants Program - Montana- Impacts of oil exploration and production to the Northeast Montana Wetland Management district Rouse, D.R., Nelson, K.J., and Reiten, J.C. 2013 264 1 Y $ 16.00
GWAA 6 03 Shallow groundwater altitude in bedrock units of the Carbon–Stillwater Study, Carbon and Stillwater Counties, Montana Blythe, D.D., and Reiten, J.C. 2015 1 Y $ 9.00
GWAA 3 B-07 Ground-water availability by depth and water quality criteria, Middle Yellowstone River Area, Yellowstone and Treasure counties, Montana (open-file version) Olson, J.L., and Reiten, J.C. 2007 1 1:50,000 Y $ 9.00
MBMG 480 Preliminary geologic map of Paradise valley, south-central Montana Lopez, D.A., and Reiten, J.C. 2003 22 1 1:50,000 Y $ 15.00
GWAA 3 B-06 Characterization of the Eagle Aquifer in Yellowstone County, Middle Yellowstone River Area, Montana Olson, J.L., and Reiten, J.C. 2003 1 1:150,000 Y $ 10.00
GWAA 3 B-01 Data for water wells visited during the Middle Yellowstone River Area ground-water characterization study: Treasure and Yellowstone counties, Montana (open-file version) Olson, J.L., and Reiten, J.C. 2002 1 1:200,000 Y $ 9.00
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