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NWG 46 Geology of the Leadore area and other papers, Volume 46, July 2017 Cox, B., Hargrave, P.A., and McDonald, C. (eds.) 2017 166 N $ 35.00
NWG 45 41st Annual Field Conference: Geology of the eastern Snake River plain and surrounding highlands Phillips, W.M., Moore, D.K., and Hargrave, P.A. (eds.) 2016 202 N $ 40.00
MBMG 656 E Hugh Dresser pictorial guides: Stereo picture guidebook to intrusive tuff at The Rocks Dresser, H. and Hargrave, P.A. 2000 36 Y $ 5.00
MBMG 629 Geologic map of the Lockhart Meadows 7.5' quadrangle, west central Montana Hargrave, P.A., and Berg, R.B. 2013 1 1:24,000 Y $ 9.00
MBMG 602 Geologic map of the Silver City 7.5' quadrangle, west-central Montana Hargrave, P.A., Bregman, M., and Lonn. J.D. 2011 6 1 1:24,000 Y $ 9.00
MBMG 597 Geologic map of the Circle 30' x 60' quadrangle Dawson, McCone, and Prairie counties, eastern Montana Vuke, S.M., Hargrave, P.A., and Smith, L.N. 2011 1 1:100,000 Y $ 15.00
MBMG 530 Expansion of the monitoring-well network for the assessment of agricultural chemicals in Montana ground water Madison, J.P., Hargrave, P.A., and Rose, J.C. 2005 102 N $ 12.50
MBMG 484 Abandoned-inactive mines on Bitterroot National Forest administered lands Hargrave, P.A., McDonald, Catherine, Kerschen, M.D., Metesh, J.J., and Wintergerst, Robert 2003 93 Y $ 12.50
MBMG 476 Abandoned-inactive mines on Lolo National Forest administered lands Hargrave, P.A., Kerschen, M.D., McDonald, C., Metesh, J.J., and Wintergerst, R. 2003 166 Y $ 20.00
MBMG 462 Abandoned-Inactive Mines on the Flathead National Forest-Administered Land McDonald, C., Hargrave, P.A., Kerschen, M.D., and Metesh, J.J. 2002 Y $ 11.00
MBMG 395 Abandoned-inactive mines of the Kootenai National Forest-Administered Land Hargrave, P.A., English, A.R., Kerschen, M.D., Liva, G.W., Lonn, J.D., Madison, J.P., Metesh, J.J., and Wintergerst, R. 1999 226 1 Y $ 25.00
MBMG 379 Abandoned-inactive mines of the southern Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest Marvin, R.K., Hargrave, P.A., Lonn, J.D., Abdo, G.N., and Metesh, J.J. 1998 345 Y $ 25.00
MBMG 368 Abandoned-inactive mines of the Blackfoot-Little Blackfoot River Drainages, Helena National Forest Hargrave, P.A., Bowler, T.B., Lonn, J.D., Madison, J.P., Metesh, J.J., and Wintergerst, R. 1998 228 Y $ 25.00
MBMG 348 Abandoned/inactive mines of Montana, U.S. Bureau of Land Management Marvin, R.K., Metesh, J.J., Bowler, T.P., Lonn, J.D., Watson, J.E., Madison, J.P., and Hargrave, P.A. 1997 544 Y $ 0.00  
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