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MBMG 667 Digital coal outcrop patterns for the Powder River Basin of Montana Gunderson, J.A. 2015 21 Y $ 3.50
MBMG 681 Stratigraphic cross section of upper Mississippian through lower Cretaceous rocks, Judith Basin, Montana to Big Horn Basin, Wyoming Furer, L.C., and Gunderson, J.A. 2016 1 Y $ 15.00
MBMG 697 Stratigraphic cross section of Mississippian through lower Cretaceous rocks, northern Montana disturbed belt to Williston Basin, Montana Gunderson, J.A. and Furer, L.C. 2017 1 Y $ 15.00
MBMG 570 Hydrogeology of the Ashland Ranger District, Custer National Forest, southeastern Montana Wheaton, J., Gunderson, J. Reddish-Kuzara, S., Olson, J., and Hammer, L. 2008 130 6 Y $ 30.00
MBMG 600 2010 Annual Coalbed Methane Regional Groundwater Monitoring Report: Powder River Basin, Montana Meredith, E., Kuzara, S., Wheaton, J.R., Bierbach, S., Chandler, K., Donato, T., Gunderson, J., and Schwartz, C. 2011 130 6 Y $ 20.00
MBMG 608 Preliminary geothermal map of Montana using bottom-hole temperature data Gunderson, J. A. 2011 10 Y $ 2.50
MBMG 660 Asteroid fossils from the upper Jurassic of south-central Montana Gunderson, J. A. 2015 12 Y $ 2.50
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