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GWAA 2 B Ground-water resources of the Flathead Lake Area: Flathead, Lake, and parts of Missoula and Sanders counties. Part B- Maps (open-file versions) Smith, L.N., LaFave, J.I., Carstarphen, C.A., Mason, D.C., and Richter, M.G. 2000 11 N $ 110.00
GWAA 2 B-01 Data for water wells visited during the Flathead Lake Area Ground-Water Characterization Study: Flathead, Lake, Missoula, and Sanders counties, Montana (open-file version) Smith, L.N., LaFave, J.I., Carstarphen, C.A., Mason, D.C., and Richter, M.G. 2000 1 1:250,000 Y $ 9.00
GWAA 4 B-01 Data for water wells visited during the Lolo-Bitterroot Area Ground-Water Characterization Study (open-file version) Carstarphen, C.A., Mason, D.M., Smith, L.N., LaFave, J.I., and Richter, M.G. 2003 1 1:250,000 Y $ 9.00
GWOF 18 Water levels and nitrate in Warne Heights, upper Summit Valley, Silver Bow County, Montana Carstarphen, C.A., LaFave, J.I., and Patton, T.W. 2004 52 Y $ 7.50
GWAA 6 01 Data for sites visited during the Carbon-Stillwater ground-water characterization study (open-file version) Carstarphen, C.A., and Smith, L.N. 2007 1 1:250,000 Y $ 9.00
GWAA 7 01 Data for water wells visited during the Cascade: Teton Groundwater Characterization Study Carstarphen, C.A., Smith, L.N., Mason, D.C., LaFave, J.L., and Richter, M.G. 2011 1 1:275,000 Y $ 9.00
GWAA 8 01 Data for water wells, springs, and streams visited during the Gallatin-Madison Ground Water Characterization Study Carstarphen, C.A., LaFave, J.I., Crowley, J., Mason, D.C., Richter, M.G., Madison, J.P. and Blythe, D.D. 2015 40 1 Y $ 12.50
HM 10 Fluoride concentrations in Montana's groundwater LaFave, J.I., Carstarphen, C.A., and Crowley, J. 2017 1 Y $ 9.00
HM 11 Principal aquifers of Montana Crowley, J.J., LaFave, J.I., Bergantino, R.N., Carstarphen, C.A. and Patton, T.W. 2017 1 1:1,000,000 Y $ 15.00
GWAA 8 03 Groundwater quality of Gallatin and Madison Counties, southwest Montana Carstarphen, C.A., and LaFave, J.I. 2018 2 Y $ 15.00
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