Environmental Studies

#Many Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology projects address assessment of and human impact on Montana's natural resources.

Below are current MBMG projects and contact information for project managers.

  • Acid mine-drainage mitigation through land-use changes and source control at an abandoned underground coal mine, Belt (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Ground-water monitoring of flooding underground mines and the Berkeley Pit — Berkeley Pit/Butte Mine Flooding (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Upper Clark Fork River Basin Restoration Fund Grant, Natural Resource Damage Program (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Screening for Organic Wastewater Compounds (OWC) Groundwater, Streams, and Wastewaters (Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
    • OWCs in surface and ground waters of Gallatin County
    • Water Center Grant
    • OWCs in surface and ground waters Summit Valley
  • Mouat Chromium Waste Repository (Stillwater Co.) Long-Term Monitoring (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda Regional Water-Long-Term Groundwater monitoring program (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda Regional Arsenic Source Study (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Gary Icopini 406.496.4841)
  • Anaconda–Mill Creek Drainage Stormwater Study (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Butte Area One—Diggings East Area (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157)
  • Crystal–Bullion Mines Adit Discharge monitoring (Ted Duaime 406.496.4157; Matt Berzel 406.496.4431)
  • Coal mine reclamation research on recovery of the hydrogeologic systems (Elizabeth Meredith 406.657.2929)
    • Return of groundwater levels after strip mining and spoils aquifer productivity
    • Water-quality recovery within the spoils aquifer
  • Coalbed-methane groundwater monitoring and research (Elizabeth Meredith 406.657.2929)
    • Annual evaluation of changes in groundwater related to CBM production
    • Research into specific questions such as fate and chemistry of discharged water